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Inspector Gadget and Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors scripts

 Inspector Gadget 1982-1985

The Eye Of The Dragon - Outline by Peter Sauder, Script by Douglas Booth

Unusually, whereas half-hour animation scripts are divided into two or three Acts.  This script is broken up into six Acts and a Tag.

Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors 1985

032001 - Escape From The Garden - Haskell Barkin

Contains deleted scenes from Oon's flashback crucial to the plot.

032003 - Steel Against Shadow - J. Michael Straczynski

Blackstar scripts and storyboards (1981 Filmation)

In 1981, Filmation produced Blackstar.  A sci-fi fantasy series that followed the titular John Blackstar, an astronaut from Earth, stranded on the planet Sagar.  Along with his allies the Trobbits, Klone, his dragon steed Warlock and Mara The Enchantress.  Blackstar must stand against the tyrant would seek to rule all of Sagar: the Overlord.

62001 City Of The Ancient Ones - Michael Reaves
Full script

62002 Search For The Star Sword - Tom Ruegger
Full script

62003 The Lord Of Time - Marc Scott Zicree
Full script

62004 The Mermaid Of Serpent Sea - Tom Ruegger
Full script

62005 The Quest - Story by Martin Pasko, Teleplay by Robby London
Full script

62006 Spacewrecked - Tom Ruegger
Full script

62007 Lightning City Of The Clouds - Tom Ruegger
Full script

62008 Kingdom Of Neptul - Michael Reaves
Full script
Partial storyboard (9 pages) - Bob Kline

62009 Tree Of Evil - Michael Reaves
Full script

62010 The Air Whales Of Anchar - Marc Scott Zicree and Michael Reaves
Full script

62011 The Overlord's Big Spell - Marc Scott Zicree
Full script
Full storyboard

62012 The Crown Of The Sorceress - Marc Scott Zicree
Full script

62013 The Zombie Master - Marc Scott Zicree and Michael Reaves
Full script
Full storyboard

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The He-Man show bible: A very different story to be told

Linked below is the Masters Of The Universe show bible, written by Michael Halperin and submitted to Filmation on December 1st, 1982.  While the first seven pages are devoted to building the world of Eternia as we would come to know it: geography, wildlife, history and governance down through the eons.  Some concepts that did not survive to the TV screen begin appearing:

  • Within the same solar system lay the desolate planet of Infinita.  Wracked by endless war, until the day the two most powerful factions met in battle.  Unleashing their doomsday weapons at the same time, the resulting explosion devastated the planet, mutating its people.  The shockwave caused by the explosion opened a space portal to Eternia, through which some of the Infinitan warlords fell.  Over time, they infiltrated this new world, gathering strength before bringing their invading armies through the portal.  After many battles, the forces of Eternia drove the Infinitans back and sealed the Portal.
  • Acting on a prophecy from the Sorceress, that when the forces of evil returned, a champion would rise to stand against them.  With Zodac's help, the Council Of Elders gave up their corporeal forms to transform themselves into pure light, pure wisdom.  Transmogrifying their Hall Of Wisdom into the foreboding Castle Grayskull, the wisdom took its place deep within the structure, guarded by the Sorceress.  Generations passed, and these events passed into legend...
  • Meanwhile the shockwave from Infinita continued travelling through space for a thousand years, until it ripped a hole between universes.  A space shuttle from Earth fell through this rift, captained by pilot Marlena Glenn and crewed by Evelyn Powers (Evil-lyn), Biff Beastman and Dr. T. E. Scope (Tri-Klops).  Jealous and petty individuals defined by either hatred of Marlena (Evelyn) or of humanity in general (the other two).  Tumbling out of control, Marlena saw her crew had vanished.  Crash-landing on Eternia, she was rescued and cared for by her future husband, Prince (later King) Randor.
  • Meanwhile, her crew had been teleported to the surface of Infinita.  Its evil seeping into their bodies and mutating them.  They awoke to find themselves confronted by Infinita's last remaining ruler: Skeletor.  Both sides saw what they could gain from the other and the three gladly entered his service.  Retiring to Snake Mountain, Skeletor used his magic to show them visions of Marlena and her new life on Eternia.  Pleased to see his new warriors seething with hatred at their former Captain, he proposed an invasion of Eternia to seize its resources.  For twenty years, Skeletor and his new forces watched and waited, until the day they were finally able to break the seal and re-open the Space Portal to Eternia.  The time for conquest had arrived....

Read on within the pages of the Masters Of The Universe show bible

Starquest: The Go-Bots movie that never was (Part 3)

Part 2

Simultaneously, Leader-1 and his team are scanning the planet closest to the Imperion sun. They detect unusually powerful energy fields emanating from the planet and realize that they have indeed found Fireworld. Deciding that they could use some help, Leader-1 transmits an emergency signal to the Rock People. He gives them the coordinates for entry to the Invisible star system and the location of Fireworld - and asks them to hurry. Then, using their telescopic cameras, the Guardians locate the crystal harvesting pits and spot the slaves. Leader-1 tells everyone to prepare for battle, and the Guardians take the Command Center down. The Imperion guards open fire on the Guardian ship, as Leader-1, Pathfinder, Tork (and others) fly out. 
Scooter and Turbo are overjoyed to see the Guardian rescue party. Nick, Matt, A.J., Jad and Dr. Martin can hardly believe their eyes, as the Command Center sweeps through, blasting the guards, who return fire with their energy weapons. 
Leader-1 and Pathfinder land near Turbo and Scooter, quickly releasing their restraining bolts, while enemy energy blasts impact all around them. "What a relief!" says Scooter. But just as they are about to go after Jad and the humans, a Thruster and a formation of Imperion fighters descend from the black sky, with their weapons ablaze, and the Guardians are forced back. Fitor, Crasher, Cop-Tur (and/or the "Goon Squad," Psions, Zods, etc.) fly out of Thruster to join the battle. Before the Guardians can regroup, Crasher, Fitor and Cop-Tur scoop up Jad, Dr. Martin and the other humans and fly off. With the humans imprisoned within the Renegades, the Guardians are forced to restrain their attack, fearful of injuring their friends. 
The Renegades take advantage of the situation and pursue the Guardians with virulent determination. Cy-Kill is delighted, ordering complete destruction of his Guardian opponents. Kartan and his fighters circle around. Leader-1 and the Guardians split up - making tougher targets. In the fray, Leader-1 and Pathfinder lead two of the Darklord's ships into a fiery collision, causing Cy-Kill's Thruster to veer off. Tork and the other Secret Riders blast the Imperion ships from behind...and two more Imperions are destroyed. Kartan pulls out - preferring to let Cy-Kill take the risks. 
Now the Renegade "PSIONS" soar out to join the battle. The Command Center is buffeted by the barrage. Scooter climbs aboard, shaken and trembling. The shields are barely holding. The situation seems hopeless. 
Leader-1 and his brave Guardians are nearing burn-out. Their energy levels are being rapidly depleted by the scorching heat of Fireworld. Cy-Kill savors this moment. After all this time, he is about to rid himself of Leader-1. 
Then, suddenly, a ragtag fleet of strange vessels rocket into the melee. It's the Rock People in their peculiar "METEOR" ships. This is just enough to turn the tide. The Renegades are forced to join Kartan, and what's left of his squadron, in a retreat back to Roguestar, while the Guardians return to the Command Center and fly away, the Rock people covering their escape. Needless to say, Cy-Kill is furious at this loss: defeat snatched from the jaws of victory!
When they are safely away, Leader-I transmits a thank you to the Rock People for helping at a critical moment. The Rock Leader acknowledges Leader-l's message, but instead of leaving, the armada of Rock vehicles surround the Command Center. The Rock Leader and his ships volunteer to stay with the Guardians as long as the threat from Kartan continues. 
Saddened that their human friends still remain captive to Cy-Kill and Kartan, Leader-1 and his cohorts agree that their only chance is to make a run for Starforge.  “It's just a matter of time before Cy-Kill accumulates enough data to do the same thing!" says Leader-1. But without help from Jad and Dr. Martin, the risk will be extreme. Leader-1 has Scooter chart a course, drawing on his internal memory banks, though the little GoBot isn't sure that his information is complete, and is fearful that they could end-up in the middle of the Starforge - which would be certain doom.
Still fuming, Cy-Kill assumes that the Guardians are going to try to reach Starforge. He has Fitor bring Dr. Martin and Jad to the Brainstorming chamber. Dr. Go is waiting as Cy-Kill and Kartan arrive. The Last Engineer and Dr. Martin are already strapped into Brainstromer capsules. Jad tells Cy-Kill and Kartan that they are wasting their time. Even if they find Starforge, they would never know what to do with it. "You don't just plug into something like that and turn a switch!" 
Braxis enters in a huff. He has already made the calculations to find Starforge and they must leave at once if they are to beat the Guardians, who have a head start. Cy-Kill doesn't trust Braxis and would rather use the Last Engineer's data. But he reluctantly gives the orders to get underway. He decides to have Dr. Go scan the prisoners for their knowledge once they arrive at Starforge. 
Down in the holding cells, Matt, Nick and A.J. begin formulating a plan of escape and how they might be able to sabotage Roguestar. Their Renegade guard, Pincher, hearing their whispers, tells them to shut up. After Pincher has gone, Matt wonders how Jad and Amanda are faring, and A.J. quietly observes that Matt seems to have more than just a professional interest in Dr. Martin. Matt grumbles that this is not the time to think about such things... 
Back aboard the Command Center, the Rock Leader comes aboard, joining Leader-1 and the others on the bridge, as his small fleet trails behind. Leader-1 has Scooter explain the dangers of their quest and the possibility that a mistake will distort the time/space continuum. The Rock Leader believes that any risk is worth taking if there's any possibility that the Imperions could be defeated. 
Engulfed by the Command Center's. tractor beams, the fleet of Rock ships are carried along when the Guardians break into hyperspeed. Moments later the whole convoy emerges into the most fantastical area of the universe - a place filled with multicolored nebulae and vast streaks of lightning, billions of miles long. Then, behind the obscuring clouds of gasses (solar systems in formation) they spot the Starforge, a place of almost unimaginable power and beauty. It is awesome to behold. 
Wasting no time, the Guardians begin preparations to tap into the power of Starforge. Scooter and Prof. Von Joy have no idea how to do it, but Leader-1 has. He gives the order to deploy the POWER SHIP (COURAGEOUS) and energize their Power Suits. 
Moments later, Roguestar roars into the Starforge crucible. For once Braxis did something right! But now Braxis sheepishly admits that he doesn't know what to do next. He tells Cy-Kill that the final key to the puzzle - actually harnessing-the enormous power - can only be provided by Dr. Martin and the Last Engineer. Sneering at his human prisoners, held fast by Cop-Tur and Crasher (and possibly the MoBots?), Cy-Kill warns them to cooperate, or suffer the most horrifying fates ever faced by living creatures! 
In reply, the Last Engineer and Dr. Martin warn the Renegades and Kartan that the power of Starforge could just as easily destroy, as endow its possessor with God-like powers. But Cy-Kill is heedless of their warnings. He wants the power and will not be dissuaded. 
Fitor notifies Cy-Kill that they have spotted the Guardians dead ahead. Without coordinating with Kartan, Cy-Kill orders all his Renegade forces to attack. In all their history, all the battles and encounters…this is the one time the Renegades absolutely must win. There is no alternative. The battle unfolds fast and furious, poised on the rim of eternity, with the stunning chaos of creation as a backdrop. 
Kartan, with a conspiratorial nod to his High Advisor, withholds the command for his Imperions to join the Renegades in battle. He tells Cy-Kill that he'll wait for precisely the right moment to deploy his forces. 
The Guardians put up their shields and watch as the mammoth Roguestar draws near, releasing wave after wave of Thrusters, Zods and individual Renegades. To stave off the mammoth assault, Leader-1 asks Scooter and Professor Von Joy to quickly program the computers to tap into the Starforge power spectrum, and orders the rest of the team into their POWER SUITS. 
The Rock People rush to their ships, and swing around to intercept the first wave of attackers. The battle erupts with an exchange of blasts and explosions. 
Kartan sends a signal to all his forces. Their moment is almost at hand. Meanwhile, down in the detention center, Matt devises a way to short circuit the energy cells and he, Nick and A.J. are able to escape. Pincher and a number of Renegades give chase. But Matt and the kids duck into a ventilation shaft and manage to get away. The Renegades are frustrated that they cannot follow, nor can they fire indiscriminately without damaging the ship. Through the network of huge pipes and shafts, the humans make their way to the now deserted Brainstorming chamber where they find Jad and Dr. Martin still strapped into Brainstorming pods. 
Cy-Kill has personally assumed command of Roguestar's main weapons console. He is surrounded by screens which show the unfolding battle. The Rock People are holding their own against the Renegade onslaught, while in the background the Command Center has opened fire with all its weapons. Cy-Kill gloats that the Guardians are woefully outclassed, even with help from their Rock allies. At the same moment, Kartan is secretly posting his Imperion Shocktroops throughout Roguestar. Soon this will all be his! 
As the Renegades break through the Rock People's defensive line, Leader-1 gives the word and the Power-suited GoBots soar out of the Command Center to make a dramatic link-up around the Power Ship - becoming the mighty POWER WARRIOR! Cy-Kill sees the Power Warrior and is taken aback. He orders the Renegades to focus all their might against the Power Warrior, and calls to Kartan to launch his fighters. But Kartan does not respond. 
In the Brainstorming center, Nick, A.J. and Matt release Jad and Amanda and they rush out just as Pincher and the guards rush in. The frustrated Renegades fire off a few futile rounds, but our heroes disappear into the shafts again. 
The combination of the Power Warrior, Secret Riders and Rock People is able to hold the Renegades in check while Scooter and Prof. Von Joy lock the Command Center-' s scanners on -to the epicenter of the Starforge - the vortex .of power. Suddenly there is a terrific power surge and the Guardian ship is engulfed in a luminescent bubble...completely invulnerable. 
Cy-Kill is outraged when he sees the intense beam linking the Command Center with Starforge and realizes that the Guardians on the verge of success. He is also frustrated that the Guardians and their allies have proven so tenacious and difficult to destroy. Suddenly power to Roguestar's weapons fails. Cy-Kill is speechless with rage. "What's going on?!” he bellows. Braxis comes on the intercom to report that the Last Engineer and the UNECOM pests are running around blowing up power relays, and that the Darklord and his shocktroops have begun taking over Roguestar. 
Cy-Kill is suddenly alone. His forces are scattered and he is losing Roguestar from under him. The time has come for dramatic action. Cy-Kill exits the weapons center, and is assaulted by Imperion troopers. He exchanges blasts - sending a few Imperions to their eternal reward. As Cy-Kill turns into the corridor outside of the bridge, Braxis runs right into him - slamming into Cy-Kill's leg. Braxis is knocked on his behind. 
"Where do you think you're going?!" snaps Cy-Kill. Braxis whines that the Imperions have taken over Roguestar .and Nick, Matt, A.J. and their cohorts are blowing the place up. Now he just wants out. That does it. Cy-Kill wants Braxis to help him tap into the Starforge directly. Braxis tells Cy-Kill he has no idea how to do that. Just then, a squad of Imperion troopers, led by Kartan, race down the companionway. Leaving the .cowering Braxis to his own devices, Cy-Kill departs, vowing to "merge" into the Starforge. "I'll be a god!" he cackles. 
With Cy-Kill gone, Kartan and his Imperions are able to complete their takeover of Roguestar, forcing the remaining Renegades to surrender - or perish. Braxis, attempting to elude capture, hides in a corner of the bridge behind one of the GoBot­sized consoles. 
Cy-Kill rockets away from Roguestar, headed directly into the heart of the swirling confluence of energy. He is struck dumb by the sight of the looming Starforge. It almost looks alive. He declares that-he will transcend his GoBot state to become a new, higher order of being! Then he is engulfed by the radiance, his cry echoes on all frequencies as he disappears. 
In the Command Center, Scooter and Prof. Von Joy are astonished to see Cy-Kill speeding deeper and deeper into the Starforge, and they radio the news to.their cohorts contained within'the Power Warrior. 
Fitor, Crasher and Cop-Tur interrupt their attack run on a Rock Meteor ship, to watch as their leader vanishes into the blinding light. Cop-Tur wonders what they should do. The Imperions have Roguestar. Cy-Kill has hurled himself into the raging oblivion of the Starforge. Fitor decides that they must recapture Roguestar if they are ever going to get back to their own galaxy. "Oh for the good old days when all we were fighting were Guardians," he moans. 
Kartan, now in total command of the Renegade base-ship, orders his fleet to put their full energy into destroying the Power Warrior. The response is immediate: Catching the Power Warrior off guard, the Imperions use their full might to blast the Power Warrior, who flies backward, slamming into the Command Center, knocking it out of the beam linking it with the Starforge. Suddenly, the Power Warrior is dramatically drawn through the beam into the swirling white heat of the Starforge, disappearing just as Cy-Kill did. 
Aboard the damaged, spinning Command Center, Scooter fights to stabilize the ship, horrified that the Power Warrior has apparently been destroyed. Suddenly, they are captured by a powerful tractor beam from Roguestar. Scooter, Prof. Von Joy (and whoever else is still aboard), are all demoralized by the apparent loss of the Power Warrior and the realization that there may be no escaping Kartan and Roguestar. 
As Kartan mops up the battle zone, he orders his fleet to attack the Renegades. Unable to combat the entire Imperion armada, the Renegades retreat back to their Thrusters. Once aboard, they all activate their Stealth devices, and all the Thrusters disappear. The Imperions think the Renegades have been destroyed. As the Darklord's ships move off, the Renegades regroup for an assault to recapture Roguestar. 
Kartan is delighted with himself; for not only has he destroyed the Renegades and captured their Roguestar, but he has also succeeded in capturing the two Guardian Command Centers, and a fleet of Rock People. Not bad for a day's work! Loaded with his booty, the Darklord decides to return to his home star system, and pursue the Starforge (an obviously dangerous and tricky prize) another time. 
Hidden aboard Roguestar, our human heroes and Jad are aware that power has passed to Kartan, and they are enroute back to Imperion. They resolve to deal a knock out blow to Roguestar even if they are killed in the process. 
Meanwhile, back at Starforge, while Cy-Kill is nowhere to be seen, the Power Warrior emerges from the vortex transformed. Radiating indescribable powers it blasts off for the Imperion galaxy on a mission of revenge and rescue. 
Kartan puts Roguestar in orbit around his home planet, and­orders his High Advisor and other aides· to arrange the disbursement of the captives: Rock people to be reprocessed for their mineral content, GoBots and humans to Fireworld and other slave labor installations. Kartan wants all the humans, GoBots and others still loose on Roguestar, found and incarcerated before they can cause any more trouble. Then, says the Darklord, he will re-fit Roguestar to mount an invasion of the Earth/GoBotron galaxy! 
Following his orders, the Imperions launch an intense search throughout the moon-sized Roguestar for the missing humans and the Last Engineer. Before they can be found, our heroes stealthily make their way to the base-ship's bridge where they discover Braxis still hiding. With his help, they are able to draw the Imperions away long enough to seal off the bridge from the rest of the ship. Then they activate the emergency escape jettison mechanism. As the Imperion shocktroops assail the thick metal blast doors, Matt pounces on a outsized blinking button, and the bridge separates from the rest of Roguestar, becoming a large escape pod, rocketing away. 
Not to be robbed of his human treasures, Kartan immediately dispatches a pursuit force. Designed for speed in battle, the Imperion ships waste no time in catching the unwieldy escape pod. As they are about to overtake the humans, the Power Warrior, radiant with the Starforge energy, arrives suddenly and blasts the Imperion ships with enormous power. Those not disabled, flee. Within the pod, the humans and Jad are thrilled. The booming voice of the Power Warrior (Leader-1 at his most awesome) reverberates through the cabin. He orders them to circle around Roguestar to find the Command Center (containing Scooter and Prof. Von Joy) and the Rock fleet scattered nearby. He wants them to get aboard the Command Center, and help liberate the Rock People. 
While Jad, with Matt, Nick, A.J., Dr. Martin and Braxis follow the Power Warrior's instructions, homing-in on the Command Center's emergency beacon, the Power Warrior, like a shimmering gladiator, picks off the Imperion fleet - ship by ship. It's like a gargantuan video game. 
The Roguestar bridge pod was not designed for human-sized pilots, and control is difficult. Matt and the kids struggle to guide the ship to a rough landing, and they come in along side the Command Center and the squadron of Rock ships parked in the great space port on the underside of Roguestar. The Imperion guards scatter to avoid the wildly skidding pod, which crashes into the tractor beam terminal - shutting it down instantly. Inside their ships, the Rock people have been valiantly resisting efforts by the Imperions to remove them. Now they prepare for blast-off.
Jad, Nick, A.J., Matt, Dr. Martin and Braxis run from the smoldering pod to the Command Center and climb aboard, joining Scooter and Prof. Von Joy. Scooter activates the engines as his companions rush to the guns to hold the guards at bay. Kartan is informed of this turn of events, and calls for reinforcements. But before they can arrive, the Power Warrior surrounds the Command Center and Rock ships with a crackling field of writhing energy, driving away the Imperions, and allowing his friends to escape. 
The Renegades, flying in a formation of Stealth-hidden Thrusters, angle in toward the Darklord's planet. With Imperion ships charging out to intercept them, Fitor commands the Renegades to divert and direct their attack against the gravitational generators that keep the star system from being sucked into the black hole. Meanwhile, the Power Warrior is battling Imperion ships, while the Command Center and armada of Rock People make for open space. 
Kartan is alarmed that the Renegades, in their fleet of Thrusters, have reappeared - back from the dead - and are attacking the gravitational generators. Already the planets in the system are being rocked by powerful tidal forces. Without its bridge, Roguestar (which is also built on a scale too large for Imperions) seems useless, and Kartan calls for his shuttle to carry him to his flagship. He will personally lead the attack against these GoBots. 
As the Imperions abandon Roguestar in orbit, Fitor is pleased that his ploy worked, and orders the Renegades to call off the attack on the generators. Then, as the Imperions approach, the Renegades (including Zods and so on) make a dramatic return to their starbase. 
By time Kartan understands what is happening, the Renegades have already recaptured their base-ship, ejecting the handful of Imperions left behind to guard it. The Darklord vows that neither Roguestar, the Command Center nor the Rock People shall escape his wrath. "Vaporize them all!" he commands. On that note, the entire Imperion war fleet moves off to carry out his orders. 
The Power Warrior radios Scooter and those aboard the Command Center, and the Rock People in their ships, not to enter into battle, but to keep going no matter what, as he turns to the remaining gravity generators to finish the job started by the Renegades. 
Crasher, Cop-Tur and Fitor, controlling Roguestar from the hidden back-up bridge, open fire with all their weapons to clear a path through:the Imperion fleet, then activate their Stealth field … and vanish. The Renegades, only too happy to let the Guardians and Imperions destroy each other, set a course out of the Imperion system.  “What about Cy-Kill?" asks Cop-Tur. Fitor believes that their leader no longer exists, but agrees to send out a group of Thrusters to search the area he was last seen, once they are away from the Invisible Empire. 
As the Guardian Power Warrior blasts the final grouping of gravitational generators, he must fight off increasingly desperate assaults from Imperions. Kartan has now ordered his entire force to direct everything they’ve got to stop the Power Warrior before he can destroy the final generator. Meanwhile, a vast, frantic evacuation gets underway on all the planets in the system. On Fireworld, the slaves overwhelm the guards and flee in the Imperion's own ships. 
Just as the Command Center and the Rock fleet passes beyond the Imperion frontier, the Power Warrior destroys the final generator. 
Suddenly we see the process of creation in reverse, as the Imperion system begins to disintegrate. The system's star elongates into streamers of magma and fire. The planets come spectacularly apart, great chunks quickly becoming molten liquid. The entire solar system begins to swirl in a titanic whirlpool. 
Kartan and his fleet are caught up in the vortex, and are sucked into the black hole. 
The Command Center and Rock ships continue to accelerate as the entire Imperion system seems to implode. The swirling confluence of plasma and purest energy threatens to draw them to their doom as well. The Guardians and Rock People go to full power - and barely escape disaster. Without the generators, the Imperion system is no longer invisible, and the Guardians and their friends watch the unfolding spectacle. 
As the last of Imperion vanishes into the blackness of the void, Scooter and the Guardians realize that the Power Warrior has also been lost...but no.  Suddenly the Power Warrior materializes.  Using the amazing powers of the Starforge, the Power Warrior was able to put itself into TRANSPACE - outside the universe proper, and escaped death. 
The Power Warrior dis-assembles: Leader-1, Turbo, Tork and the others separate out and the Power Ship returns to its hangar within the Command Center. Then, the Guardians say goodbye to the Rock People. Both sides pledge eternal friendship. Now the Rock People will return to their own world to fight Rak, no longer fearful of intervention by Imperions. 
Reunited, the Guardians speculate on Cy-Kill's fate. Why was he seemingly destroyed by the Starforge and they, as the Power Warrior, not only survive, but successfully tap into the awesome power? Not even Jad knows the answer. Scooter speculates that the Starforge is somehow able to tell good from evil. Leader-1 says that when they were united with the Starforge, they sensed an intelligence...something beyond anything they had ever experienced. Tork and the others felt the same sensation. Jad suggests that the Starforge is somehow capable defending itself. In any event, they decide not to underestimate Cy-Kill's ability to survive...only time will tell if he will return. 
Braxis throws himself on Guardian mercy. Nick says he'll be returned to Earth to answer for his crimes. As they prepare to make the hyperspeed jump that will take them back home, Matt and Amanda begin talking about their future together. Ever romantic, A.J. hopes that there'll be a wedding soon. 
While the Command Center soars away, disappearing amid the swirl of stars, Roguestar circles the perimeter of Starforge. Thrusters take off and land. On the back-up bridge, Crasher, Fitor and Cop-Tur are prepared to leave, assuming that Cy-Kill has indeed gone to his reward, or at the very least is lost forever. Just as Fitor gives the command for all Thrusters to return to base for departure, Cy-Kill's voice - mysterious and powerful, reverberates through the cabin. "You dismiss me too easily..." says Cy-Kill, who materializes before the startled group in a magical flash. He shimmers ever-so-slightly. "Now," says Cy-Kill, "I am ready to take on the Guardians - and nothing can stop me!" Cy-Kill gives the order, and Roguestar begins its long journey home...
The Command Center dramatically comes out of its hyperspeed jump, with GoBotron looking spectacular in the background. Inside, surrounded by his friends and colleagues, Leader-1 says that the Starforge and all its miracles will have to wait until GoBots and men are ready to receive its gifts. Until then, they will have to rely on themselves...

We FADE OUT on a dramatic shot of the Command Center passing in front of GoBotron...


Starquest: The Go-bots movie that never was (Part 2)

Part 1

This is a world unlike any the GoBots have ever encountered; a planet inhabited. by a race of silicon-based creatures capable of concealing themselves from danger by becoming rocks and boulders. 

One of the Rock People (ROCK LEADER - NAME TBA) timidly approaches the Guardians, and the GoBots back away - prepared for the worst. But instead, the Rock creature sort of bows, and raises its powerful hand in a gesture of friendship. The Rock Leader explains that the Command Center has come down right on top of GORG and his band. Leader-1 attempts to apologize, explaining that it was an accident, but the Rock creature interrupts...Gorg was a hated villain, one of many operatives working for RAK, the evil tyrant who seeks to subjugate all Rock people under his rule. 

There is rejoicing as other timid Rock people emerge from their boulder state to join in the celebrations and greet the Guardians, who learn that the Rock people have a rather sophisticated civilization, are aware of life on other worlds, and have assorted land and space craft and so on. The Rock people are intrigued that the GoBots seem to be composed of refined minerals - metal, and they do what they can to help their robotic visitors. When Leader-1 explains that they have come to locate the home solar system of Kartan and the Imperion empire, the Rock people are taken aback. The Imperions, assisted by Rak and his followers, often ravish Rock villages on foraging raids to gather Rock people, which are then taken off to some horrible fate. The Rock creatures suspect that they are reprocessed for the mineral wealth they contain. 

The Rock Leader explains that Rak is a mercenary who helps the Imperions for one reason only: power. In return for his help the Imperions support Rak's tyrannical grip over the planet. Rak is the lowest of the low, betraying his own kind for power and personal gain. The good Rock people have done what they can to resist, but the Imperions are simply too strong. 

Just as the Command Center is almost repaired and ready for flight, the Rock village comes under attack by a squadron of three Imperion fighter craft and a group of evil Rock creatures, traveling in air and ground craft. The friendly Rock people attempt to fight off the assault, fearful of capture by the Imperions and their Rock allies. The Guardians regroup and join the battle. Both the Imperions and evil Rock creatures are unpleasantly surprised to find the GoBots helping to defend this Rock village. Leader-1 and the Secret Riders dazzle all parties with their power, speed and ability to fly, as they rescue a group of Rock creatures, including Rock Leader, who are about to be loaded into one of the Imperion shuttles. The Imperions are caught unprepared to battle such formidable foes as the Guardians and they beat a hasty retreat, followed by their sinister Rock allies. But in the chaos, the Guardians manage to capture the Imperion platoon leader and two of his shocktroops, who are locked away in a Command Center holding cell.  Later, using the BRAINSTORMER on their Imperion prisoners, Leader-1 learns that Kartan's fortified home star system is concealed behind a vast bubble of electromagnetic 

currents...rendering the entire system (consisting of three large planets and several smaller ones) totally invisible. But more treacherous, the planets are poised an the rim of a vast BLACK HOLE, and are held in precarious gravitational balance by a system of moon-sized GENERATORS, powered by energy crystals. Entering the Imperion star system is a highly dangerous and tricky proposition. Any craft approaching on the wrong trajectory will be captured by the insurmountable gravitational maelstrom of the black hole, and drawn to a terrible, crushing doom. 

The Guardians decide to take the captured Imperions with them - in case they need more information, and bid farewell to their Rock friends, wishing them luck in the battle against Rak. The friendly Rock people offer to help the Guardians in their quest, pointing out that they are capable of space travel and might come in handy. "We will do anything to strike a blow against Imperion," says the Rock Leader. Leader-1 thanks them for all they have done and their offer of help, and promises to call upon them if the need should arise. 

Back on Roguestar, Braxis and Dr. Go have analyzed the data collected by their scanners and the course taken by the Imperion ships, and determined that there is a hidden star system - somehow cloaked with invisibility, orbiting the black hole. 

Braxis has the computer project a trajectory that will get them into the invisible solar system while skirting the black hole -mimicking the course taken by the Imperions. Cy-Kill sends Fitor ahead to test out Braxis's theory. Why should they all perish if Braxis is wrong? With some trepidation, Fitor takes off in one of Thruster's shuttles, and after a few moments of rough travel, buffeted by stormy gravitational currents, he shoots into the Imperion star system. Cy-Kill receives Fitor's excited transmission, which abruptly goes silent. Before Cy-Kill can follow after his loyal aide-de-camp, Fitor's shuttle rockets out of invisibility, chased by a squadron of armed Imperion fighter craft. 

There is a brief, intense battle between the Imperions and Roguestar. Cy-Kill calls upon his craft's full and impressive power to hold the Imperions at bay. But rather than destroying all the attacking Imperions, Cy-Kili agrees to a truce, demanding to be taken to meet the so-called Darklord. The Imperion captain notifies Kartan, who, intrigued by the size and apparent power of Roguestar, grants safe passage to the GoBot vessel, agreeing to meet with Cy-Kill. But Kartan has already decided that he must capture this imposing moon-size craft for himself! 

Far behind, Leader-1 maneuvers his ship on a course that has been projected from the information extracted from their Imperion captives. But as with Roguestar, the Command Center is quickly caught-up in the powerful gravitational current of the looming black hole. Struggle as they might, they are unable to pull free. The ship's instruments simply OD with the velocity of incoming signals and stop reading altogether. The ship begins to buck and quake and finally goes into a spin. Tork and Pathfinder work frantically to help Leader-1, but it's a losing effort. The Command Center and all aboard seem doomed. 

In a last attempt to save themselves, Leader-1 confronts the Imperion prisoners. Though faced with death, the Imperions still refuse to help; and it's too late for the GoBots to abandon ship. If they attempted to flee now, their metallic torsos would implode, then vaporize. 

Calling upon all his navigational skill, Leader-1 seems to outwit physics, and to the amazement of all aboard, particularly the Imperions, manages to chart a course-through the deadly tides of energy, gravity, and vaporizing particles into the safe haven of the Imperion star system. 

At the Darklord's fortress, Scooter, Turbo and their companions are brought before Kartan, who is seated in an awesome, scary throne room that recalls the "Wizard of Oz". Kartan, declaring that the GoBots look unusually strong, condemns them, along with their frail human companions, to the searing horror of slavery on FIREWORLD. Scooter tries to make a case for letting them all go, but Kartan blasts the diminutive GoBot with a burst of red hot energy from an ornamented weapon on his wrist. The others rush to help Scooter, and are told to stand clear. Though groggy, Scooter is OK. Turbo is ready to lunge for the Darklord, but it is apparent he could do nothing but get himself vaporized. 

Even as the Stealth protected Roguestar glides toward the Darklord's planet, Cy-Kill is arranging a truce with the all powerful Kartan. Cy-Kill believes that this obviously powerful alien chieftain might be a useful ally in his war against the Guardians - if not in the quest to locate Starforge. Kartan acknowledges that he has a group of Guardians GoBots and a bunch of humans under his control. Cy-Kill urges the Darklord not to harm them. Kartan makes no promises, but invites Cy-Kill to meet with him at his Great Fortress to consummate their alliance. Cy­Kill accepts, but points out that Roguestar has the ability to level Imperion should there be any treachery. Kartan is all sincerity as he pledges that no harm will come to the Renegade leader. Satisfied, Cy-Kill takes a Thruster down to the surface for his summit with Kartan, bringing Crasher and Cop-Tur along for added security. 

Matt, A.J., Nick, Jad, Amanda and their Guardian pals, along with a few hundred other unfortunates, are aboard a huge, dank space freighter headed for Fireworld. From another condemned slave, a strange-looking but intelligent creature, they learn that the glowing crystals harvested on Fireworld supply power to the Imperion's fleet of warships and all the planets in the system, but most importantly, to the generators that keep the planets from being drawn into the black hole! "Then all we have to do to destroy the whole place is blast the gravity generators?" says Matt with enthusiasm. "It's a shame we didn't know that before," says Turbo.

Exploring the Imperion star system, Leader-1 and his team decide that the largest and most developed planet of the group is probably the Imperion capital world. But the GoBots realize that finding and rescuing their friends will be a difficult task. A direct attack against Kartan and his forces would be futile. For one thing, they would be vastly out-gunned. And for another, they have no idea where to even find Scooter, Turbo and the others. 

Leader-1, therefore, proposes a dangerous plan: they will leave the Command Center and most of' the Guardian crew safely behind, hidden on a barren moon, while he, Pathfinder and Tork descend to the surface. Then, with their Imperion captives in tow, they will seek an audience with.the Darklord - to whom they will offer to trade their prisoners in exchange for Scooter, Turbo, Jad and the humans. Obviously the GoBots risk capture - or worse, but it seems the only logical course of action. 

Flying in their robotic forms, with their Imperion prisoners secured within Leader-1 and Pathfinder, the trio swoops down toward the soaring capital city of the Imperion Empire. Wierdly shaped buildings tentacle out in all directions from a sprawling central hub. The architecture has an organic look to it - rounded, interwoven, tubular. 

The Great Fortress is Kartan's home. An imposing, sinister­looking structure, it is a cluster of squat gnarled domes that seem to be growing around a spiraling, faceted tower like seed pods. The Fortress guards spot the approaching GoBots and Kartan is notified. 

The Darklord emerges onto a balcony overlooking an enclosed courtyard as the GoBots land. Leader-1 and Pathfinder release their Imperion prisoners from their respective cockpits. Tork cautions the aliens not to try escape, as he aims his powerful energy-weapon tipped arm in their direction. But within moments they are all surrounded by Kartan's armed centurions.

The Darklord is now more curious than ever about these GoBots from a distant galaxy. He and his High Advisor wonder: What do they want? Why have they traveled so far to come to Imperion? His High Advisor looks them over with contempt. "Just mechanicals..." he snorts. But the Darklord senses more. Perhaps they should be disassembled and dissected. A detailed technical examination should prove very interesting. 

Leader-1 introduces himself and companions to Kartan, explaining that they have no quarrel with Imperion, and are only seeking to find their lost friends, whom he describes. "They were on a scientific mission," he states, "and posed no threat to Imperion. Obviously their capture was a big mistake." 

Kartan responds that there was no mistake. They were captured aiding and abetting escaped fugitives in the restricted zone - an area totally off-limits to all but Imperion ships. Leader-1 responds by assuring Kartan that they meant no harm. In any event, he is prepared to swap his Imperion captives to get his friends released. 

Suddenly, Cy-Kill, wearing a sinister grin, steps out to join Kartan, followed by Crasher and Cop-Tur. To say the least, the Guardians are shocked to find their old foes so apparently chummy with.the Imperion despot. 

Cy-Kill asserts that the Guardians were on a mission of war against the Invisible Empire - planning to overthrow Kartan himself. Kartan considers this as Leader-1 protests their innocence. 

"There will be no trade" shouts Kartan, abruptly cutting off Leader-1. "But if you really want to see your friends, you can join them on Fireworldl Take them!" At this command, the Imperions open fire on the Guardians. The frightened prisoners scatter and Leader-1 and his cohorts return fire. Crasher, Cop­Tur and Cy-Kill are only too happy to help their new allies destroy the Guardians, and a fierce battle ensues. In the melee, Tork is damaged, but the Guardians manage to fly off, finally escaping only after the Command Center is summoned, and soars to the rescue. In a blaze, they are able to elude the pursuing Imper ions. 

Cy-Kill is irritated that the Guardians were able to escape, but Kartan was impressed with their fighting ability and bravery. Growing impatient, Cy-Kill insists that the Imperions immediately turn over the Last Engineer, the humans and GoBots. But the Darklord hesitates. Realizing that force will not help get him what he wants, Cy-Kill reveals the secret of Starforge to Kartan. Excited by this revelation, Kartan agrees to release the prisoners to Cy-Kill on the condition that he share the power of the Starforge when it is found. Cy-Kill agrees - but confides to Crasher and Cop-Tur that he has no serious intention of really doing so. 

Aboard the Command Center, Leader-1 and his companions speculate that Cy-Kill had probably been tailing the Last Engineer's Command Center since it left GoBotronl This could mean that Cy-Kill might be close to finding Starforge - particularly if Kartan is going to give him Jad and Dr. Martin. Leader-1 recalls that Kartan mentioned that Scooter, Turbo and the others were sent to a place called Fireworld. Using their computers (and the data taken from their Imperion prisoners) they plot a course to the planet closest to the system's sun. "That has to be Fireworld..." says Leader-1. "Let's check it out!" 

On distant Fireworld, Nick, A.J., Matt, Jad and Dr. Martin are in dire trouble. This is a primordial, volcanic planet, with spewing volcanoes and rivers of flowing lava. Fire erupts in spectacular, towering geysers and the sky is a perpetual shroud of murky sulfuric gases. This place makes Bosch's vision of Hell seem like a ski resort. Surrounded by ruthless Imperion slavemasters, who would just as soon vaporize them as look at them, Jad, Dr. Martin, and their UNECOM cohorts, are harvesting energy crystals from vast, steaming pits, from which they grow like glittery stalagmites. The slaves then lug the heavy crystals to floating platforms waiting at the perimeter of the harvest pits, where each crystal is loaded into an individual cell, part of a beehive arrangement of stacked octagonal containers. 

Amanda is having trouble catching her breath in the oppressive heat, and nearing exhaustion, drops her end of one of the large (watermelon-sized) crystals. The Imperion guards turn on her menacingly, but Matt rushes to her side, lifting the crystal, and helping her to her feet at the same time. The guards are satisfied and back off. Matt and Jad realize that they are all doomed unless they can escape soon. 

Not far off, Scooter and Turbo, with their restraining bolts preventing escape, are also harvesting crystals. But because of their greater strength and size, they carry entire armfuls at a time. Turbo is losing patience. This is not how he plans to end his days. Scooter says he doesn't believe his internal thermostat will handle the heat. Gads! He's thinks he's starting to melt!

Just then a geyser of fire and lava erupts in a fountain, showering them with white hot drops. 

Back at the Darklord's Fortress, Cy-Kill is certain that the Guardians are going to try to rescue their friends from Fireworld. He proposes that he and Kartan hurry to Fireworld, where they will catch the Guardians by surprise and destroy them.

Then, with the Last Engineer and the human scientist completely at their mercy, they'll be free to locate and tap into the Starforge, without having to worry about interference from Guardians. 

Kartan agrees. After transmitting an alert to the Imperion garrison on Fireworld to be on the lookout for the Guardians, he follows Cy-Kill back to Roguestar with a fleet of Imperion fighters. 

When they are alone with Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur object strenuously. "You've told this alien about Starforge and now you allow him to land warships on Roguestarl" snaps Crasher. “Relax," says Cy-Kill. "This alien cretin and his weapons could be useful to us. Besides, on Roguestar we hold all the power. Think of it. The mighty Darklord a virtual prisoner under our control… " 

On the bridge of his command ship, Kartan is beside himself with self-satisfaction, though his High Advisor isn't as enthusiastic. Kartan orders his shocktroops to be ready to take over Roguestar on his command. The High Advisor, however is fearful that capturing the Renegade ship might be a bigger challenge than they anticipate. "Nonsense," snaps Kartan. "Once we've learned all their secrets I'll get rid of Cy-Kill and his cohorts, then we'll have the Starforge and Roguestarl"

(To be concluded)

Starquest: The Go-Bots movie that never was (Part 1)

On March 21. 1986 the movie Battle Of The Rock Lords, intended to both conclude Hanna-Barbera's Challenge Of The Go-Bots series and promote Tonka's spinoff Rock Lord toyline, was released in theaters.

Prior to that movie's plot being finalised, an uncredited early treatment named Starquest, was completed on 27th July 1985.  Very much written before Tonka's focus shifted fully towards promoting the Rock Lords, the film introduces a third column in the war between the Guardians and Renegades: the Imperions, led by the Darklord Kratan.

With thanks to Jim Sorenson

Starquest: Challenge Of The GoBots
Feature Treatment

The LAST ENGINEER (whose real name we learn is JAD) has summoned LEADER-1, SCOOTER and the others to announce that he has made a startling breakthrough in his lifelong research project; possibly the most important scientific discovery in history. Jad has pinpointed the fabled source of creation at the heart of the universe … a place where the universe is in a continuous state of genesis … the original fact … the frontier of time and space; and a source of power so vast and magical that whosoever can harness it would surely rule the universe! He calls it the STARFORGE, explaining that with such power the Guardians could easily vanquish the Renegades and complete construction on the planet GoBotron. Used in the cause of good, this power could transform the universe, helping beings and civilizations on worlds everywhere to achieve their greatest potential. 

Working with Jad is an attractive young female scientist from Earth, DR. AMANDA MARTIN, a brilliant, internationally famous Astrophysicist (to whom MATT is immediately attracted - though their relationship starts out somewhat shaky). Together they have programmed all their knowledge of the Starforge into the main Guardian research computer in order to plot the Starforge's continual movement through the heavens (the Starforge, we learn, moves about randomly). Their program will also help in the dangerous, difficult task of tapping into the power and focusing its awesome energy. 

PROFESSOR VON JOY and Scooter are skeptical that the Starforge can even be approached, much less harnessed. 

Suddenly their discussions are cut short by a succession of terrible explosions as the Last Engineer's research center comes under fierce attack by a powerful Renegade armada. Emerging from its Stealth protection, Roguestar sweeps down from the sky spewing fleets of Thrusters and a formation of ZODS. Leading the attack·are the powerful Renegade PSIONS, followed by CY-KILL's most powerful GoBot warriors. This is an all-out attack. With help from his network of spies on GoBotron, Cy-Kill has secretly been following Jad's research, and has decided that the time had arrived to·grab the Last Engineer and find out everything he has learned about the Starforge. 

BRAXIS, aboard Roguestar with DR. GO, watches the titanic battle on the ship's various monitors and viewscreens. He is furious with Cy-Kill, believing that in such a melee vital data and equipment could be destroyed, damaged or lost. He had urged Cy-Kill to use restraint in the capture of the Last Engineer, but Cy-Kill, determined not to fail in this attempt, is throwing the whole of his force against GoBotron's defenses -to ensure success. 

This is a changed Braxis. Having been through various therapies he now seems thoroughly in control of his faculties. While he retains many of his familiar characteristics and quirks, he is certainly much bolder and more determined than before. 

Leader-1 calls for Guardian reinforcements, but for·the moment, Cy-Kill and his raiders have the upper hand. Cy-Kill and his cadre of frightening "MoBots" (working name), sweep in and grab the computer center's RAM banks containing data about the Starforge; but before they can capture Jad and Dr. Martin, the two scientists are spirited away by Scooter, who uses his holographic capabilities to escape. 

Before.the battle can turn against him, Cy-Kill flees with his prize, leaving behind a devastated research center .and much of GoBotalis in flaming ruins. 

Digging out of the smoldering rubble, Jad and Dr. Martin are horrified to discover that Cy-Kill has made off with the key secrets of the Starforge. They realize that they must quickly mount an expedition to reach and harness this ultimate power source before Cy-Kill can find it for himself. For even as the Starforge can be used for great good, it can also be used for great evil. And in Cy-Kill's hands, would surely it be put to the most venal use. 

Unfortunately, because of the terrible damage inflicted on GoBotalis by Cy-Kill's surprise attack, the possibility that the Renegades could strike again, not to mention the severe damage to Guardian leaders such as ZEEMON, HEAT SEEKER, and so on, Leader-1 must remain behind on GoBotron to supervise repairs and assume command until things can be put in order. In his stead he commissions TURBO and Scooter to accompany Jad and Dr. Martin on their expedition to find Starforge. Not without reservations, Scooter immediately begins prepping Command Center One, which is parked above GoBotron in one of the several orbital Command Center maintenance stations. 

The two scientists, meanwhile, reconstruct the stolen data banks using backup files stored elsewhere and are soon ready for departure. NICK and A.J. insist on going along, despite the obvious dangers, pointing out that they have a vested interest in the mission in as much as the Earth is also threatened by Cy-Kill and his Renegade cohorts. "Besides," says Nick with a chuckle, "You'll never know when you're gonna need some kids to do a grown-up's job!" 

Not far away, aboard the Stealth concealed Roguestar, Cy­Kill delivers the stolen RAM banks to Braxis and Dr. Go, ordering them to calculate the location of the Starforge and begin designing a device to exploit its powers. But Braxis and Dr. Go soon realizes that they'll never succeed without help from Jad and/or the Earth scientist Dr. Martin, who must interpret the highly complex data. Disappointed in Dr. Go and Braxis, Cy-Kill agrees to try again to capture the Guardians. 

In the meantime, the Command Center blasts away from GoBotron on its urgent mission, following a trajectory·set by Jad that will take them far from the galaxy into uncharted regions of deep space…literally to the edge of the known universe. 

At the same time, FITOR returns to Roguestar from an undercover espionage mission on GoBotron, to inform Cy-Kill that a Guardian Command Center has departed on a mission to find Starforge. Cy-Kill is delighted. All he has to do now is simply intercept the Command Center and capture both the Last Engineer and the female scientist. Locking onto the Command Center's radar blip, Cy-Kill, along with Fitor, CRASHER, COP-TUR, his MoBot "GOON SQUAD," sets out in pursuit. 

As the Guardians emerge from their hyperspeed jump, thousands of light years from GoBotron, they are startled to pick up a peculiar distress signal.  Aware that the SOS could be a Renegade trick, they decide to respond anyway, in case it's authentic. Just as they move off to check it out, the invisible Roguestar also emerges from its hyperspeed jump. Cy-Kill locks his weapons onto the Command Center and angles in for attack. 

Unaware of the stalking Renegades, the Guardians follow the distress call and find a tiny, peculiar-looking spaceship drifting out of fuel and battle-scarred. The Guardians soon discover that the ship is filled with a variety of aliens - some humanoid, others not. The cowering creatures explain that they are fleeing a horrifying life of slavery under KARTAN, all powerful DARKLORD of the INVISIBLE EMPIRE called IMPERION, an intergalactic slave empire composed of thousands of conquered planets. Kartan rules with an iron fist from his invisibility shrouded home solar system, his decrees an army of ruthless SHOCKTROOPS.

The Last Engineer and Dr. Martin are fascinated by what the aliens have told them and would like to learn more. Scooter, on the other hand, is content not knowing about any Invisible Empire and ruthless shocktroops. But their frightened passengers warn that Imperion threatens the entire populated universe: its spread is relentless, and will eventually reach Earth and even GoBotron! 

The Last Engineer and Dr. Martin resolve that finding the Starforge is more important than ever, particularly if they must eventually deal with Imperion. Turbo and (more reluctantly) Scooter agree. 

Cy-Kill orders a group of Thrusters to launch a strike at the Command Center and the alien ship. But before they can take action, his targets come under sudden fierce surprise attack from another source. Three massive, powerfully armed Imperion warships move in, guns blazing. Cy-Kill is astonished as the Command Center, caught by surprise, is quickly incapacitated with no recourse but surrender. 

As the Renegade leader and his minions observe from the safety of their Stealth-hidden Roguestar, the defeated Command Center is boarded by the Imperion fleet commander, ZARG, and his heavily armed shocktroops (horrific, nightmare creatures). 

Commander Zarg is delighted with his success. Not only has he retaken the escaped slaves, but he has also captured a space­craft of unknown origin; a prize that will stand him in good stead with the Darklord. The drooling, powerfully muscled Imperion shocktroops quickly capture Jad and Dr. Martin, but Turbo puts up a valiant struggle, giving Scooter just enough time to transmit an SOS to UNECOM and GOBOTRON. Finally, both GoBots are blasted with intense bursts of energy, knocking them unconscious. Zarg barks some commands and his minions quickly affix their versions of restraining bolts on the unconscious GoBots. 

Cy-Kill watches in frustration as the Command Center and small alien vessel are both drawn into Zarg's mammoth dreadnought; but the Renegade is also intrigued by the awesome power demonstrated by the Imperion force. Much too wise to attack rashly, Cy-Kill decides to remain in Stealth mode and follow the alien warships undetected. 

Braxis is terrified as they travel deeper into the unknown, trailing the Imperions. Cy-Kill has no patience for the cowardly human, and he is already formulating a new plan of action. He 

decides to bide his time until he can learn who the aliens are and where they are taking the Last Engineer and Dr. Martin, then he will do whatever is necessary to get them. 

Meanwhile, deep within the bowels of the Imperion Starcruiser, our heroes are confined in the massive slave hold. Turbo and Scooter are held in adjoining restraint modules, incapacitated by powerful pincers. Jad, Matt, Nick, A.J. and Dr. Martin share a small, filthy cell with several other prisoners. A high-energy grid prevents their escape. Matt tries to calm Amanda, who's rather traumatized by the events of the past few hours, having only had limited experience with space travel and virtually no contact with alien lifeforms other than GoBots. Jad tries to goad their captors into revealing what their fate might be, to no avail. But one thing is clear…wherever they’re being taken is going to be unpleasant in the extreme. 

Because of the vast distances involved, Scooter's SOS takes many hours to reach GoBotron. When it does, Leader-1 calls together the Guardian leadership and everyone is alarmed to learn that their comrades have been captured by a vicious and potentially very dangerous new foe. Despite the fact that the situation on GoBotron is still unstable, Leader-1 decides that rescuing Scooter, Turbo and the others must now take priority. 

Leader-1 assembles a team (characters to be determined - but including The Secret Riders and other appropriate new characters) and they set out aboard a second Command Center to find and rescue their missing friends. 

At the same moment, Roguestar is still tailing the Imperion vessels. Cop-Tur and Crasher are at the main bridge monitoring the Imperions, puzzled by their strangely erratic flight path. Just as they are about to report this phenomenon to Cy-Kill, the Imperion battle cruisers disappear from all their tracking screens, vanishing without a trace. Braxis accuses his GoBot cohorts of stupidity on a cosmic scale. Before Cy-Kill can react to this development, Roguestar begins to shudder violently, and the huge craft's instrumentation begins to gyrate. Dr. Go and Fitor rush to the bridge. Neither Cop-Tur nor Crasher can explain what's happening. Suddenly Braxis begins to shriek. He is at a computer console, studying a matrix of graphics and data on its screen. "It's a black hole!" he exclaims in abject terror. "We are being sucked into a black hole, you mechanical morons!" 

As they struggle to pull free of the awesome gravitational vortex, Cy-Kill wonders at the fate of the Imperion ships. Fitor asserts that they obviously were destroyed by the black hole…and that the Last Engineer, Dr. Martin and all aboard were killed - reduced to sub-atomic particles.  Cy-Kill isn't so sure, "The aliens would not be so mad as to deliberately dive into oblivion.” 

Unaware that they have been observed by Roguestar, the Imperion ships emerge through a wall of pure blackness into a magnificent solar system of multi-colored planets strung like a necklace around a brilliant star. Commander Zarg radios ahead to the Darklord that he has recaptured the slaves but has also brought him an even more interesting offering... 

At the same time, down in the holding cells, Jad has figured a way to override Turbo and Scooter's restraining devices, allowing them to at least communicate.· Scooter is, as usual, terrified, but Turbo, heedless of the danger, wants to attempt an escape. Matt, ever pragmatic, points out that even though they might escape the slave pen, they haven't a clue to where they are. They agree to wait any action until they have a better understanding of their situation. Scooter is relieved. 

Inside the "invisible" star system, the Imperion vessels make their landing approach to the Darklord's planet, an intimidating world in shades of black, white and gray. 

Several hundred thousand miles away, Roguestar's powerfui engines blast to life, and the asteroid-sized vessel pulls slowly away from the black abyss. Cy-Kill orders Braxis and Dr. Go to use their full battery of scanners to determine what happened to the alien ships. 

Moving rapidly away from GoBotron, Leader-l's Command Center, following coordinates transmitted in Scooter's SOS, makes a hyperspeed jump and enters the distant Imperion galaxy. Unfortunately, the Guardians emerge in the middle of an unstable meteor swarm, and their Command Center is bashed by several of the huge chunks of rock. With the ship severely damaged and barely under control, Leader-1 heads for the closest planet to make repairs. 

The Command Center hurls through the atmosphere of the stark, barren world. The Guardians, fighting to control the ship, do not notice how starkly beautiful the place is. It looks like a vast, endless Gr-and Canyon, with magnificent rock formations towering high into the sky, deep multi-colored canyons, and amazing, mineral-rich mountains stretching to the horizon. 

The Guardian ship comes down hard, skidding and sliding, nearly crashing down a steep embankment into a deep canyon which drops off seemingly to infinity. The shaken Guardians emerge to find that their ship will require major repairs before it can fly again. But before they can get to work, they're startled as several nearby boulders unfold and reform into intimidating living creatures... ROCK PEOPLE. 

(To be continued)